Borehole Drilling Contractors

Borehole Drilling Contractors

Borehole Water                                                     

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  • Search over a million ..borehole records.. FREE ..         British Geological Society
    just open the browser then zoom down to your area...then click the blue identity button to find out the depth of bore Holes in your area.


  • Drinking Water Inspectorate ....Where Quality is maintained.
  • Top Quality submersible pumps supplier.                          
  • Water Quality your area.                                     
  • Environment Monthly water reports    
  • Environment Agency. Need to extract more than 20 cu
  • Prognosis reports from British Geological Survey                  British Geological Survey
  • Water Chlorination Treatment                    Wikipedia
  • Water Tank suppliers / storage        
  • Pipes valves and plumbing               
  • Steel Pipe and fittings                     
  • Conversion calculator                      
  • Copper Plumbing fittings                 
  • Filters                                            
  • Membrane filters                            
  • Aerators                                         
  • Water tech                                     
  • Test meters....                              
  • Stainless steel & Galv                     
  • Industrial Connections                               CSE Industrial
  • Chain wire rope                                        GSproducts
  • Timers                                                     CFE Timers
  • Small pumps                                   
  • Soleniod Valves                              
  • Cabinets Exterior                           
  • BBC Weather                                  
  • Google maps                                  
  • National grid tool                                      gridreferencefinder.
  • Bits Engineering                                       Archway
  • Drillquip                                         
  • Bulroc drillpipe                                
  • jksboyles                                                 jksboyles
  • Schlumberger                                           Schlumberger
  • Chlorination calc                                       Chlorine calcu
  • Chlorination Drinking water Inspectorate    Chlorination
  • Stainless steel and Steel                           themetalwharehouse
  • Stainless rings                                          juststainless
  • Shed                                                        amazon
  • Oil Suppliers                                   
  • Annular Velocity calcs...                  
  • Link to facebook.....                                facebook
  • Twitter.....                                              Twitter
  • Steel facing products                      


  • Water levels in the UK  download pdf environment agency