Borehole Drilling Contractors

Borehole Water                                                     

Water pumps for Boreholes

We stock a range of borehole pumps that fit most boreholes and demands.

We also stock several types of rising mains. ( the pipe that brings water to the surface)

Fast fitting service with our portable crane for fast on site servicing.

Call for details about cost etc.

Most pump failures we turn around in 24 hours.

Pump Borehole


Pump being installed a new borehole.

Pumps are in stock for fast installation and service.

Power controllers, that look after the engine and shut it off if the borehole runs dry. 

 Auto restart ten mins later.

We tend to get around ten years service from our pumps.

Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Gloucestershire areas covered by this service.