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Forty metres beneath you, are millions of litres of water. This water is saturated in the ground, and is a free resource waiting for you. We drill a borehole, up to 145 metres max, then case, grout, build a brick manhole, and then lower a submersible pump down the borehole.

Water can then be pumped up from the water borehole, filtered and be consumed immediately... fresh from the ground, at 6 degrees.

A borehole will supply water reliably for many years without any maintenance. A supply of free water, straight out of the ground,  FREE.

Read on.... to Discover what is under your the "Aquifer"

Under most of the UK lies a huge water resource. It's a place that is Invisible, but it holds 90% of the fresh water for the country. After water falls on the ground a small amount evaporates off. Some flows down streams, which then flow into Rivers. The bulk however, soaks into the ground through the semi permeable layer.

This down ward travel, filters the water and can take centuries to reach the lower depths. A borehole will access this resource and will deliver free water for years.


The video below shows myself and Sean drilling a borehole in Wiltshire. Due to the fractured nature of this borehole it was necessary to drill with foam and compressed air. The ground was fractured around the borehole and was unable to hold polymer drilling fluid or even bentonite.

Compressed air was forced out of the drill bit with water and a foaming agent which produces a dense foam. This foam carries the drill cuttings to the surface providing they are not too cohesive.  The borehole drilled easily and you can see, even dense heavy stones were bought to the surface from the borehole at over 400 feet from the surface.

This borehole was drilled at a remote site and was located on top of a hill. The surrounding country side mostly had boreholes that had an average depth of 80m. Drilling at elevated sites adds complexity but with the correct techniques excellent results can be achieved. The water was cold and crystal clear and tasted amazing. 

This borehole was drilled to a terminal depth of 142 metres. The "rest water level" in the borehole after drilling was 120 metres. The borehole pump was set at 134 metres. With the pump producing water at 20 cubic metres a day there was no drop in the "rest water level". Another successful borehole drilled.

This borehole was demanding to drill to this depth, most boreholes are to around 80m average.


Once the borehole is installed a quality stainless steel pump is placed inside the borehole and lowered down to the water...some times up to 135 metres below ground. You can only suck water up 10 metres but a borehole pump can deliver water up to 26 bar pressure, an equivalent of 260 metres down a borehole.

The next process is to build a brick manhole around the borehole to finish the job properly. The brick work ensures that even during flood conditions dirty surface water cannot return back down the borehole contaminating the pure ground water.

The water being pumped out of the borehole is then sent under ground through buried pipes, into the property where an expansion vessel stores water ready for consumption. All our boreholes are finished to environment agency guidelines with the casing finishing above ground. This ensures that even during flood conditions surface water cannot return down the borehole contaminating pure ground water.



Boreholewater drill water borehole for domestic and commercial use. We quote and supply complete systems for our clients and supply an enviable service. You will find your borehole installation to be both an informative and enjoyable experience.

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Boreholes drilled in:

We are based in Swindon and drill boreholes, Wiltshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Avon, Middlesex and Somerset.

Most of these areas produce water from a borehole successfully. The product is crystal clear and can be consumed without any treatment straight from the borehole.

How long will a borehole pump last? We fit the best borehole pumps on the market and generally they have a life expectancy of around 15 years. The finest borehole engines are Franklin motors which we fit. We install the finest components in your borehole and generally we don't hear from our clients for years.