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Borehole Maintenance.     

Borehole pump repair.

We carry out all types of repairs and replacement pumps etc. If your borehole needs fixing give us a call. We'll be glad to set things right.

All these images below are of boreholes we have looked at for repair etc. They all have a common fault. They allow water to flow into the borehole under flood conditions. This is not to Environment agency standards.

 The borehole should be finished above ground so that water cannot "ever" enter the bore and contaminate the pure ground water...... like the frosty one below  v


The boreholes shown below are not drilled by our selves but we have done maintenance work with them.

Head works with cabling and heater element. Gloucester Cotswolds.

Borehole Devon

This borehole has been (drilled only). No pump fitted. Wales

This is a surface water capture sump ten feet deep supplying local cottage in Stow on the Wold.

Easy access!! water pit. Used for irrigation purposes. Nottinghamshire 2