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Equestrian water supplies

Boreholewater specialise in the drilling of boreholes dedicated to the needs of Equestrian business's.


Farms use a considerable amount of water so a borehole can make great sense. Water can be pumped up at virtually no cost then piped to all parts of the farm.

 Dressage client also mentioned that borehole water, was much better for his Horses to consume and

had problems with tap water.


First step is to evaluate the ground formations that are under your dwelling to find out how much water is available to extract. Some areas on the chalk or marl formations can give hundreds of cubic meters of water a day. Other Aquifers on rock formations can yield only 3/ 4 cubic meters a day.

To find this out we do a search in the British Geological historical records service and research boreholes that were  drilled in your area. We produce a free report so that you know how much water is available to you even before you drill.

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