Borehole Experts and Pump Engineering                                                     


You can can have Borehole water supply a complete system up and running. Or we can drill and case the hole so that you are able to install the pump your self.

The borehole is drilled and cased to support the walls. Then a protective/ secure manhole is built over the top stop any unwanted interference and contaminates entering the Aquifer. We test flow the Borehole to check its performance.


Pump: We recommend that you fit our chosen stainless steel pump to bring the water to the surface under pressure. It is a reliable powerful quality pump that should last for years. 

 Remember also that the pump is tuned to what your Borehole is able to deliver.

Pipe: Storage tanks...under ground vessel...electrical


Water Testing:  We collect samples and return to our test contractor Bristol Water Company.

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