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Borehole Water                                                     

Film clips from sites we have drilled

Drilling in Progress ..                       youtube link... Drilling a borehole












Drilling in the sun.....                  youtube link... Drilling soak away












Drilling with Foam



Bulk Water ....                          youtube link...Water From 20 Cube tank












A lot of water  .......... Watch our big Diesel water pump












First step is to evaluate the ground formations that are under your dwelling to find out how much water is available to extract. Some areas on the chalk or marl formations can give hundreds of cubic meters of water a day. Other Aquifers on rock formations can yield only 3/ 4 cubic meters a day.

To find this out we do a search in the British Geological historical records service and research boreholes that were drilled in your area. We produce a free report so that you know how much water is available to you even before we start drilling. Send an email asking for free report to....

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